Friday, May 18, 2012

BONUS DEAL: Purchase Ignition and Get Wormhole for 50% off!

One of the hottest selling items these past few weeks has been IGNITION by Chris Smith.  Not too many people carry it, so we were fortunate to get our hands on a bunch of them!

Ignition is a key that you can pass through any borrowed object, and both can be examined by the spectator!  Just take a look at the demo video below:

Anyway, as if this item wasn't HOT enough already, we are spicing it up a bit by throwing in a great bonus deal.

For a LIMITED TIME, if you purchase Ignition by Chris Smith, you can pick up the best selling WORMHOLE at 50% off!

All you have to do is add BOTH items into your order, and when you go to the checkout page, you will see the extra Bonus Deal discount taken off your price!

This is only good while supplies last, so don't miss out!  Click the links below to read more about each item, and add them to your cart:

Ignition by Chris Smith:

Wormhole by Ali Nouira:

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