Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Changes to our Canadian Free Shipping

I just wanted to give all of our Canadian customers a heads up.  Due to rising postal costs, we have had to adjust our free shipping policy to Canada.

As many of you know, it's very rare to find ANY magic store in the USA or Europe which will ship FREE to Canada.  Many that used to offer this have long since canceled that part of their policy because it simply costs too much.

Here at MJM Magic, we have ALWAYS offered some kind of free shipping option to Canada because we LOVE our northern neighbors!  Despite rising postal costs and a poor economy, we have done our best to always offer free shipping, even though we lose money in most cases.

Recently, we were faced with a decision.  We could eliminate the free shipping to Canada altogether, or we could adjust it for a healthy compromise.  We opted for the latter, because we still want to have some sort of incentive for our Canadian customers to continue using MJM Magic as their one-stop magic shop.

You'll be happy to know that the changes we made are minor, so those of you who are still serious when it comes to magic will have no problems.  Our policy used to offer Free Shipping to Canada if you spent more than $30.00, and your package was less than 4 pounds.  This has now changed slightly.  Now you must spend a minimum of $50.00 and the package must weigh less than three pounds.

Believe me, there was talk of making the minimum threshold $100.00 or getting rid of this free option altogether, but it's been decided to keep it low and therefore, the $50.00 limit will qualify for free shipping.  This is still easily obtainable since most of our Canadian orders are well over $50.00, and those that aren't could easily qualify with an extra low priced item or two thrown in.  Hey, who couldn't use an extra deck of cards or a plastic card wallet for those packet tricks?  :)

And in case you're wondering, our free shipping policy within the USA hasn't changed (yet).  That's still in place (minimum order of $30.00 and must weigh less than 4 pounds).

If you have ANY questions about this new policy change, we're more than happy to address it for you.  Just contact us through our website and let us know.

We hope you understand this new change, since we've really worked hard to be one of the only stores to offer such a flexible shipping policy and still offer the Free Shipping option despite our rising postal costs.

- Jeff Mash, CEO
MJM Magic

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