Thursday, August 16, 2012

Off Topic: Butt Cracks in San Francisco!

So every now and then, I like to use our blog to share some personal stories with you guys.  After all, MJM Magic isn't just some faceless machine.  We're a family run business who have our own stories to tell!  This is one of those stories.

So last week, Brandi and I decided to head up to San Francisco to see a Giants baseball game.  I was particularly excited, since this was the first time I had gone to a Giants game since I was a little kid.

First off, the ball park is AMAZING.  Just standing at the entrance felt like I was entering some kind of amusement part.

Now, here's a little side note about myself which some would say is TMI.  But hey, what do I care?  What you see is what you get. 

I normally stay away from large public places because I'm pee-shy.  There, I said it.  I get pee shy.  That's where even if you have to pee so bad that your eyes turn yellow, you're not able to go in public places.  So as you can imagine, with that kind of affliction, it's tough to go to concerts or large stadiums like this!  Fortunately, I have gotten better and, well, let's just say the yellow stream has been a-flowing as of lately!

Ok......sorry for my A.D.D. kicking in there.  Back to the game!

Brandi and I had a blast.  The Giants kicked some serious ass that game, beating the Colorado Rockies by a score of 9 to 3.  Buster Posey hit a homerun, and I made it through the entire game without having to use the bathroom.  Yay me!

So what does this have to do with butt cracks?  I thought you'd never ask!

As we were walking in front of the baseball stadium, there are always these street vendors trying to peddle their goods to you.  Most are selling shirts or hats.  One crazy lady was selling Churros which looked like they went stale a few months ago.

And then there's the Butt Crack water girl.  She was outside the stadium selling "ice cold water for a buck."  This was actually a great deal, since inside the stadium, a bottled water was FIVE FRICKING DOLLARS!  No joke.

But what was great is that this chick selling water was 1) not wearing panties, and 2) had her butt crack showing every time she tried to help somebody.

So never being one to pass up a photo opportunity, my buddy Mark and I decided to secretly "pose" for a picture so that we can feature her butt crack front and center.  Behold, the picture!

I was tempted to drop a few extra quarters down that crack and say, "Keep the change."  But alas, we went on our merry way without saying anything to the poor girl.   On the bright side of things, I think she was making a KILLING off those waters!  I'm halfway tempted to sell water outside the ball games on my days off now!  Hell, I already got the butt crack thing going on.....but I may need to shave it up a bit if I want to compete with this chick.

Anyway, that's a quick recap of mine and Brandi's trip to San Francisco.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing the experience with me!

- Jeff Mash

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