Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekly Trick Featured: Horse of a Different Color by Dave Johnson!

ried. I have no idea how it's done." -Kozmo, Founder of Reel Magic Magazine "

"I don't even like card tricks but I like this one." -Gary Darwin

The trick we're highlighting this week is a stunning, visual card effect by Dave Johnson called, "Horse of a Different Color."  If you just had a flashback of Wizard of Oz, then you're not alone!  If you have no idea about the Wizard of Oz reference, then I'm getting too old!

Here's the effect: You show a red deck of cards, and the spectator selects a card and sets it aside on the table.  You then mix the cards face up and face down (triumph routine), showing that they are thoroughly mixed up.  You clearly see a mixture of red face down cards, and face up cards.

Now for two climaxes!  First, the card that the spectator freely chosen is the only BLUE BACK card in the red back deck!  Whoa!  The odds of them picking the only blue card is like, one in a MILLION!  Okay okay, it's more like one in 52, but it's going to FEEL like one in a million to them!

Second, once the blue card is returned to the red mixed up deck, not only do all the cards organize back to the same direction, but the entire deck completely changes color to match the selected card!

Click here to watch the demo!

What I like about this effect is that there are multiple climaxes, and that it even fools magicians!  This blends elements of three powerful effects in magic: the Brainwave, the Triumph, and the Color Changing Deck, all in one!

The clever method is explained in the instruction booklet, but for everyone that purchases this, you also get access to ONLINE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS which go into detail on how to perform everything.  Some of the online videos you will get access to are: Full Setup and Handling, Reset, Real Work on Double/Triple Lifts, and more!

Best part is that the price is only $20.00 and it comes with the gimmick, instructional booklet,  and the online video tutorials to assist you.  All you have to provide is a regular bicycle deck that you already own.

"Very fooled. Whenever I thought I had the method, you pulled out the rug from under me." -Justin Flom, Creator of Card Artistry"That was fresh. Do yourself a favor and pick one up." -Calen Morelli, Creator of Dresscode

Pick it up here: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/horse-of-a-different-color-by-dave-johnson-trick-p-14866.html


Ok - So it's not exactly a magic trick, but this is pretty darn impressive!  Take a look at this snake......Oh wait, it's a CAKE!  How unbelievable is that!

(Can't see the pic?  Then head to our blog to see it there: click here)

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