Thursday, August 17, 2017

Come claim your free custom deck of cards - while supplies last!

We got our hands on a few dozen limited custom playing cards, and in true MJM fashion, we want to give them away to everyone!  Since supplies are limited, we have decided to give them away as follows:
  1. Add at least $35.00 or more worth of product into your shopping cart
  2. Also add to your cart the Free Custom Deck item here:
  3. Proceed to the checkout and submit the order
When we process the order, we will include whatever custom deck of cards that is currently listed on that page.   The picture on the right shows an example of what the deck MAY look like (it depends on which deck we still have available, so check the link above to see what the current giveaway deck will be).

Once the deck(s) are given away, the promotion will ABRUPTLY END, and that free product will be deactivated.  (Sorry, it's the only way we know how to offer this kind of promotion!)

So for example, if you click that link above in Step #2 and it still shows the deck(s) are available, then the promotion is still on!   That means you should add that to your order, and you will get whatever free deck is mentioned on that product page!

But if you click that link above and it says "Promotion Ended" or "Product Not Found", that means we gave away all of the decks which were reserved for this promotion.  #SadFace

This promotion will end as soon all the free decks are scooped up.   That means it could end in a week, or it could end in a single day!   It all depends on how fast you guys scoop up these free items!

Only applies to new orders after this email is received.  We cannot add the deck to any unshipped orders which were placed before the promotion.

Make sense?  If not, email us and we will clear up any questions you may have!


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A.  Because they have a supreme ruler!

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