Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Our birthday gift to you: 50% Shelf-Clearing Sale!" - ENDS SOON

MJM Magic turned 13 years old this week, and like most teenagers, we are LASHING OUT in a very big way!

We went through a TON of products on our shelves, and we slashed the price by 50% off!    We even conveniently put them all into their own category, so you can take a look at them here:

Browse through those and scoop up anything that is calling out to you.  SPOILER ALERT: We see a bunch of great deals!!

We have DVD's, playing cards, books, you name it!

Some things to keep in mind though:
  • These items are only discounted until we sell through our current shelf inventory.   After that, they go back up in price.
  • Some of these only have one or two available at this special price!   Once we clear them off the shelves, the normal price will return.  No rainchecks.
  • These are all brand new items (not rejects or anything)!   We simply are making room on our shelves for other upcoming items and these are the lucky products we chose to discount!
  • This special discount category will only be available until the END OF AUGUST!   Once the product sells off our shelf -OR- the end of August is reached, this special discount category will disappear.   POOF!!
KEEP IN MIND: Just by adding the item to your shopping cart does NOT reserve it for you!  It's highly possible that you add one of these items to your shopping cart, and by the time you're ready to purchase it, it may be unavailable.  A ton of people are going to be trying to scoop up the same deals!   So it's first come, first purchased!   Since this is a liquidation sale, we cannot offer these same prices again once the product is removed from the category.   In other words, if the price goes back up BEFORE you completed your purchase, that means someone else purchased it first and we unfortunately cannot do anything about that.  Thank you for understanding.   :)

So have a look, and purchase these items while the gettin' is good!   Once the inventory is sold, they will be removed from this category and placed back in their normal spot (with their normal price).   And after August 31st, they ALL will go back up in price.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS about this, just drop us a line at

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Q.  How many angry people does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A.  None.  They tell it to screw itself.

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