Monday, May 13, 2019

"Get Your All Access VIP Pass at MJM Magic!" - FREE USA SHIPPING

"This is going to make you stand out in a crowd!"

VIP PASS (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JOTA

Imagine having a VIP Pass that you wear around your neck........but what really makes you a VIP is the different effects you can perform with it!

With this VIP Pass, you can make items APPEAR, make items DISAPPEAR, use it with CARDS, or COINS, or even BILLS.

Check out the demo:

If you perform at conventions or company parties, then you can have the client's logo appear in the pass, etc.   The possibilities are endless.

Some of the neat take-aways from this effect is that the object can appear when the VIP Pass has been hanging on the spectator's neck (so they KNOW that you were nowhere near it).   Also, being adaptable to different objects makes this a PLUS to have in your arsenal.

Purchase today and we will begin shipping soon!   FREE USA SHIPPING on any order that has this in it!




A father was giving advice to his son.

"Listen son, if you're hiking and a nine foot grizzly bear rears up and is about to charge, you just have to reach back, grab a handful of feces and throw it in the bear's eyes. Then run."

"But dad, where do you get the feces from?"

"Trust me, it'll be there."

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