Friday, May 17, 2019

"Special Offer Just for YOU - 50% Off Glassandra" - ONLY 25 UNITS!

"A very special offer to MJM Magic customers only!"
Glassandra (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Stefan Olschewsk

As you know, we currently are having a HUGE 50% OFF SPRING SALE.   Over 1600 products are discounted and flying off the shelves.

But we wanted to do something EVEN MORE for our customers.   Something no other store is offering.

We are taking one of our bestselling items (Glassandra) and giving you 50% OFF THAT as well! 

If you've never seen Glassandra, then prepare to be amazed.  It's one of the most organic prediction devices to be created.

Watch the demo video:

As you can see,  you can predict playing cards, drawings, colors, money or whatever you can imagine.


What's the catch?

Okay, some minor red tape (but all to your benefit):
  1. ONLY 25 UNITS AVAILABLE - First Come First Served.
  2. To get the 50% Discount off Glassandra, you must purchase it with at least one item from our Flash Sale.
  3. The discount will be taken off during the checkout.   Purchasing Glassandra without another Flash Sale item will not give you the discount.
  4. Doesn't apply to any previous order.
That's it!   So to get 50% Off Glassandra, you only have to purchase ANY OTHER ITEM from our 50% Flash Sale!   A win-win for you since you're getting amazing deals on multiple items!

This special offer ends on the 28th (or when the first 25 units sell out) so take advantage of this now!

Here are the links for you:


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