Monday, January 27, 2020

"Reach into a menu and pull out their FOOD from thin air!"

"Food To Go 2.0 is now better than ever!"

Food To Go 2.0 by George Iglesias and Twister Magic - Trick

Imagine being able to magically produce a real BURGER and FRIES from a food Menu! Or a PRINGLES can and a SNICKERS bar! Or a Set of HEADPHONES. Now you can customize it to any other objects or menus you want.


Get amazing reactions! A trick the packs flat... And plays very big!

Use it for stage, parlor, children, restaurant magic, MC, comedy and more!

Ready to use! Comes with the food menu already made for you and downloadable files to print and attach that now include: A snacks catalogue and a technology catalogue. Yes! You can now customize it to your own preferences.



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I just realized my new electric toothbrush is not waterproof.

I was shocked.

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