Wednesday, March 25, 2020

"The FAIREST 'Thought of Card' Ever Conceived!"

An extremely fair 'thought of card'.  No gimmicks, No short cards, No sticky stuff.  This method works with a standard deck of cards that can be borrowed."
Nokey (Online Instructions) by Fraser Parker - Trick

We absolutely LOVE the "thought of card" effect.  Nokey is an ingenious method that allows for the fairest "thought of card" ever conceived.

Imagine handing a deck of cards to a spectator to shuffle over-hand face up. They shuffle through the deck once, remember whatever card they happen to shuffle to the face of the deck and then shuffle again - all whilst you are turned away from proceedings.

Yet, you are always able to find their thought-of card, even revealing specific details of their card without needing to take the deck back from the spectator.

This has fooled some of the top names in magic.

NO gimmicks. NO short cards. NO sticky stuff.

It works with a standard deck of cards that can even be borrowed.



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Here at MJM Magic, we are committed to working overtime to make sure we get your magic delivered as quickly as possible.  Many of your orders will see free Priority Mail upgrades that we randomly assign to you guys.

While we normally ship all orders within one business day of ordering, we have noticed that our daily incoming product shipments are experiencing some delays.   So just to make sure we don't let anyone down, we have adjusted our "Shipping Times" on our website to account for that.   For example, while it's possible that most orders will ship within 1-2 days, we are publishing that it will ship between 1 and 5 days (just to allow enough time for any delays with our outside warehouse deliveries).

We thank you so much for all your support.  We know that many of you are struggling with canceled shows and gigs.  Hopefully you can use this time to brush up on your magic and learn new things.  That way, when this is all over with, you will be armed to the teeth with fresh material for all your shows!


What’s the opposite of isolate?

You so early!

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