Friday, March 06, 2020

"This takes ESP Decks to another level."

Darkwave ESP (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Adam Cooper - Trick

"If James Bond used an ESP Deck, this would be it!!" - Cameron Francis

Most ESP decks are not very versatile.  You usually are only working with ESP symbols.

But our new "Darkwave ESP deck" is an incredibly powerful magic and mentalism tool that is absolutely LOADED with special features.

Contains ESP Symbols, plus artistic IMAGES and WORDS.   And yet, hidden away in plain site on the back of each card is a brilliantly camouflaged marking system.

This will allow you, in a fraction of a second, to divine both the symbol printed on the card and its color. But that's only the beginning... armed with this knowledge you can then employ Adam's devious secondary system to go on to reveal both the word AND the picture.

Each phase is more impossible than the last, and it's all made possible with one quick glance.
  •  No sleight of hand required
  •  Super easy to use marking system - invisible to them, crystal clear to you
  •  No difficult memory work - everything you need is printed on the card case
  •  Divine a card's colour, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!
  •  Goes so much further than other ESP Decks


The following items are on a deep discount, and they're priced just right to treat yourself on your next order:
  1. Switch Up by Danny Weiser ($30.00  $9.95) - A super visual and unique revelation effect!
  1. Strike6 by Matthew Dowden ($18.00  $8.95) - A DVD with six magic effects that will make an impression on people!!
  1. Spookey by Jay Sankey ($40.00  $14.95) - Linking key routine that you'll carry at all times!
  1. Split Decision by Kenton Knepper ($15.00  $7.50) - A truly TWISTED card effect!


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