Friday, December 03, 2021

"Make your audience speak a new language!"


"Have a spectator read or speak words in a different language!"

If you wanted to have the power to make someone read and understand a foreign language, now you can with BABEL!

BABEL is a product that came out a some years ago, and it sold for $80.00.   However, we have digitized it for you today and are offering it at almost 40% OFF!

While you will get access to TWO ADDITIONAL ROUTINES, here is the basic effect of Babel.

  • You ask a spectator if they can understand a foreign language.  Let's say it's French, and they say no.
  • You show them a French word on a card and they honestly cannot read it.
  • You then "hypnotize" them, and suddenly, they will be able to look at the exact same word and instantly translate the correct word in English (or vice versa)! 

Watch the demo video:

BABEL gives the ability to have people understand words in several languages: Spanish, French, Greek, German, Italian, Russian, Danish, Filipino, Finnish and Swahili!

All you will need is a printer to print the cards in whatever language you want to use with your spectators!

Download BABEL today and get access to all files:



This sold out the same day we got it, but fortunately we were able to get more yesterday.  We are down to 10 left!  Only nine left now.

Once you receive it, you will know why it sold out so quickly.

Two decks are shuffled, one by you and one by the spectator.  Both end up matching in the exact same order.


Joshua Jay has been using this as his CLOSING EFFECT for years now, because it's such a powerful routine.  He also teaches the routine clearly and concisely, highlighting some really cool subtleties that put the finishing touches on this effect.

SUPPLY IS LIMITED - Order Trojan Deck here:

(If you click that link and it says SOLD OUT, then that means everyone else got to them first!)



Three vampires are having a competition to find out who's the most vicious vampire amongst them.

The first one says, "Watch this."

He flies fast, at about 100 miles/hour. After 10 minutes, he comes back with blood all over his mouth.

"What happened?" asked the other vampires.

"Did you see that house over there?" he inquired.

The others nod their heads.

"Well… I bit the entire family and sucked their blood dry!" he replied.

"Wow, fascinating!" replied the other two.

Then the second one takes the next turn, "Watch and learn, guys!"

He flies even faster, at about 120 miles/hour. After only 5 minutes, he comes back with blood not just all over his mouth, but all over his neck too.

"What happened??" they asked.

"Do you see that village over there?" he inquired.

The others nod their heads.

"Well… I wiped out every last person in that village and sucked their blood dry!"

"Wow, that's amazing!" replied the other two.

Finally the last one steps up and says, "Don't blink or you'll miss it...."

He flies really fast, even faster than the other two, at about 140 miles/hour. After a mere 30 seconds, he comes back with blood all over his mouth, all over his neck, and all over his nose.

"Wh..what did you do???" they asked.

"Do you see that big ole tree over there?" he inquired.

"Ye..yes?!" they replied awestruck.

"Well.. I didn't."


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