Saturday, December 11, 2021

"The ultimate Insurance Policy trick!"


"A beautiful concept and handling for a new, surprising finish people will love!" - MICHAEL AMMAR

The Poliza by Adrian Vega - Trick

In our opinion, every magician should carry Magic Insurance.  It's the type of emergency coverage you need whenever a trick goes wrong.

Imagine having a spectator sign a card, shuffled into the deck, and then you try to find it.........but you choose the WRONG CARD!  What can you do to get out of that situation?

Easy - You show the spectator your Insurance Policy which protects you from that sort of thing!  And when they open the folded insurance policy, they will see an envelope INSIDE of it......and inside of that envelope is their SIGNED CARD!

Watch the video:

You're going to love this because it's small, can easily fit into any performance you do, and it great comedy magic that gets a lot of laughs!

Plus, INSTANT RESET, so you're always ready to go again for your next performance!

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We got a call the other day from our distributor that said, "We are almost completely sold out of this product, do you want to take any more of these?" 

And we said, "We will TAKE THEM ALL!"   That is how good this is!

Watch the demo:

These are regular Flash Cards which show recognizable images, but it hides a BRILLIANT SYSTEM that allows you to know which card the spectator will select!

No special marked peeks at what they phishing.......and NO ONE will figure out how you do it! 

Check it out and pick yours up before our inventory is gone!  No telling when we will get more in the future!  

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Cop: "So I’m writing you a ticket for driving alone in the car pool lane."

Me: "You’re going to feel really stupid when you look in my trunk."


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