Thursday, January 27, 2022

Today's Magic Download - "Stabbed in the Air"


"Easy to do, you can set it up in seconds!"

If you're looking for an inexpensive DECK STAB routine, then it doesn't get much cheaper than this!  (And it's a download too so you can get instant access to learning it).

All you need is a knife and a regular deck of playing cards!

You have a spectator sign a card and lose it in the deck.   You then balance the deck on top of your knife (proving that you can't manipulate the deck with any sleight of hand).   Suddenly, you toss the deck upwards and stab the cards, penetrating the spectator's signed card!

Watch it performed here:

Perform this effect in close-up situations, either standing up or sitting down!



Yesterday we announced our popular TIMEBOMB discount, which is a special discount code designed to give you a certain percentage off your order.

The good news is that the coupon code (TIMEBOMB) is still active.   The bad news?  It's ticking down to detonation and won't be here much longer!

Today it will give you an additional 8% off your entire order as long as you spend $35.00 or more.  Tomorrow, it will only give you 6% off (and you'll have to spend even more to qualify).

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I just read a book on marriage that says, "Treat your wife like you treated her on the first date."

So, after dinner I’m dropping her off at her parents’ house.


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