Sunday, April 03, 2022

"The most affordable, realistic, well-thought out book test available!"


"Over two years being designed, they've thought of everything with this new mentalism book test!"

It happens almost daily.   A customer will ask us, "Do you have anything that's easy to perform but NOT a card trick."

Well, we're pleased to announce our latest upcoming product, "DEFINITIVE by Chris Rawlings."

It's a book test, but not just any kind of book test.   It's designed to look like a dictionary, and you can do SO MUCH with it.

Like many book tests, you have someone choose any page they want, look at a word, and you will know what they're thinking of!  But you can also do this with multiple people, with different chosen words, all in the same exact performance.

You can reveal their words in many different ways (mind reading, drawing their thoughts, etc).

And unlike any other book test, this is designed to work even with TEARING a page up.   (NOTE: You don't have to tear a page if you don't want to, but many effects are built into the tearing of a random page as further options for you to perform with).

For example, you can have them tear ANY PAGE up into multiple pieces, and they choose one of those pieces to look at.   You will then read their minds and know what word is on their randomly torn piece.

But if you're like me and don't want to tear anything up, there are still super easy ways to read the minds of one or two people by simply having them randomly look at a page and think of a word on there.

  • The most affordable, realistic, well-thought out book test available. It does the work for you!
  • Includes a specially designed dictionary, 2 custom bookmarks, 6 full professional routines and 150 minutes of video instruction
  • Read the minds of 5 spectators with no tearing, no fishing, and no anagrams.

Learn more about DEFINITIVE and order a copy here:


IGNITION - The perfect key penetration effect

This is our absolute FAVORITE everyday carry effect.  We aren't kidding when we say, "You will be performing this everywhere!"

You take out your key, and you stab it through someone's money.   You then RIP it out, and immediately hand both the currency and your key to them to examine.  The currency is completely unharmed, and the key is completely normal!

Watch two performances here:

(Some of you may own a penetrating pen effect, but those may not be functioning pens.....and most aren't examinable in case people want to write with it.  Ignition is more organic and accessible, doesn't require refills, and is fully examinable before and after the performance.)

What also makes this great?

  • Fits in your pocket
  • Designed as a key, which makes sense to always have in your pocket
  • Works in close up environments
  • Can perform even if surrounded
  • Super visual
  • EASY to do

The list goes on and on.   In fact, we enjoy this one so much, we contacted the distributor and literally purchased all the remaining inventory for it!

Pick up IGNITION right here and we can ship as early as today:



My neighbor is in the the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

He's had 44 concussions. He lives very close to me. A stone's throw away, in fact.


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