Tuesday, April 05, 2022

"You haven't seen rubber band magic like this!"


"Vanish the rubber band and have it reappear on ANY SIGNED card!"

We are announcing an upcoming product highlighting some of the best Rubber Band Magic that you've ever seen!

Seriously, we're talking about color changing routines, and even how to make a rubber band appear out of thin air!

Watch the performance video here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/skymember-presents-artist-series-luka-kratsashvili-rubber-band-magic-trick-p-35358.html

You will learn the following routines:

Dimension Band: A jumping rubber band effect with a twist. Catch the rubber band like a martial artist.

Pop Up: A rubber band appears out of thin air.

Contrast Band: An eye candy color changing rubber band effect. Simply stretch the rubber band and it changed the color. The best part? Can hand out the rubber band instantly for examination.

Contrast Band X: A redesigned Contrast Band for social media. Perform visual color changing rubber band 2 times.

Melting Band: Perfect combination between rubber band and playing cards. Visually vanishes the rubber band and reappears on ANY SIGNED CARD.

The price is affordable for all those effects, but on top of that, you'll also receive:

  • One high-quality pre-made gimmick card for Melting Band.
  • One starter pack of authentic rubber bands  (10 x Joe Rindfleisch's rainbow rubber bands and 10 x CL rubber bands)

Order today right here: https://www.mjmmagic.com/store/skymember-presents-artist-series-luka-kratsashvili-rubber-band-magic-trick-p-35358.html



We published this on the MJM Magic Facebook page, but in case you don't follow us over there, check out the latest video of Jota performing his latest effect, Badge Holder:


(It's the second video on that page)

It's a great routine which has quickly been rising up the Bestseller Charts.

Those will begin shipping this week, so if you haven't ordered yours yet, you can add one to your order here:




What do you call a fish with a bowtie?



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