Wednesday, July 13, 2022



"Our BIGGEST MAGIC summer sale starts NOW!!!"

It's HERE!  Our LARGEST annual summer sale, and we have over 1,000 ITEMS being sold for prime clearance prices!

Everything from TRICKS to MENTALISM to DVDS to BOOKS!

Take a peek at the entire list here:

Don't let the low prices fool you: these are all BRAND NEW items.   We are just clearing room for all the new stuff coming later in the year, so we need to MAKE SPACE!  

So we SLASHED the prices on all these 1,000+ items and you get to benefit from it!

  • Sale starts now (July 13th at 8:00am) and will end on July 27th at 2:00pm.
  • Sale prices are only good during these dates.

As you can see, you have about TWO WEEKS to take advantage of these prices.   So buy some today, buy some tomorrow......heck, by some every day!   But once the sale is over, all these items will jump back up in price.


To make it easier, we created these special links below to help narrow down the items by PRICE or by CATEGORY.    So if you're looking for only TRICKS, or if you're looking in a certain price range, these will help:

Narrow Down Your Search - Click one of these links!

Or Narrow down by type:



Did you know?  If you watch a Jackie Chan movie backwards...

You will get a documentary about a Chinese guy who assembles furniture with his feet.


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