Saturday, July 02, 2022

"The ultimate BEST SELLING monte packet trick is back!"


"This is the trick that launched MJM Magic as a company almost 20 years ago!"

If you have never performed the Ultimate 3 Card Monte, then you're going to LOVE this one.

The premise is simple.  You show three cards and ONLY three cards.   One is a red Ace, the other two are black cards.   You ask your spectators to do one simple thing: follow the red Ace.

Face down, you SLOWLY mix them up, but the red card always jumps to where you least expect it!


What makes this so great:

  • Multiple phases!  It's like a one-two-three punch to your brain!
  • It's EASY!  Even a beginner can do this, and you'll be performing in minutes after learning!
  • It's PORTABLE!   You can carry this no matter where you go because it's only three cards!

There's a reason why this remained one of our best selling packet tricks over the last 18+ years!

In the past when we sold this, it was just the cards and some written instructions.   However, now it's been redesigned and comes with easy-to-follow video instructions!

In fact, you will also receive bonus handlings and ways to make this legendary effect even more organic and powerful than ever.

The best part: it's only $10.00!   That is INSANELY LOW for such a hard-hitting effect like this!

Order your preferred color version below:



We hope you and your friends/family have an amazing 4th of July celebration here in the USA.   Because of our nation's Independence Day, we will be closed and not returning until Tuesday.   We hope you have a safe weekend and we will be extra busy shipping out orders on the 5th!



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