Monday, November 06, 2023

"A FULL deck transforms IN MID-AIR into a completely different deck."


"This is the color changing deck/Triumph routine for workers and hobbyists alike. "

Hyper Color by Bizzaro

And just when you think the trick is over... a kicker ending that makes heads explode. AND ALL WITH NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND!!

HyperColorThis is a masterpiece that belongs in every magicians pocket.

Watch a full performance:

Ok, so Bizzaro took one of the best magic tricks of all time, made it simultaneously better and easier, and then added a kicker ending so good that pros can't believe their eyes.


A card is selected, and lost in a deck that's shuffled face-up into face down. This is done in a way that's better than anything we've seen before.

2. The entire deck visually rights itself. This is the most visual way we've ever seen this done.

3. And even though your spectator saw the deck front and back during the trick, the ENTIRE DECK is now a different color.

This isn't just one of the best tricks of the year. It's also one of the best instructions. Bizzaro has been doing this for years, and it shows. He includes some AWESOME bonus tricks in the end. And I mean these are the best bonus tricks we've seen in a trick in a long time.

We think this is a must-have, and we hope you get your hands on one. We have a limited supply arriving soon so order yours today!

Order HYPER COLOR by Bizzaro here



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