Monday, November 20, 2023

Grab these HOLIDAY BUNDLES starting now! Perfect Gifts!



With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to purchase those All-In-One magic sets for the holiday gift exchange!

The problem with past magic sets is that they contain the same old, recycled tricks.


This holiday we went all out and stocked something special... JUST FOR YOU!   We stocked THREE HOLIDAY BUNDLES - EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY



Apprentice Bundle

This is for the anyone who is interested in magic.   We have curated a collection of 10 easy-to-master magic tricks: the perfect present that will leave your loved ones spellbound.

Say goodbye to gift-guessing woes and embrace the joy of giving with this extraordinary bundle!

Each one comes with easy to follow, online video instructions!

See all the Apprentice Bundle tricks here!



Hobbyist Bundle

For someone who's not a beginner but still wants some hard hitting, easy magic to perform, this is the middle-of-the-road set to pick!

It features an assortment of 6 entertaining items that cater to different interests. From traditional playing cards to mind-bending magic tricks and novelty items, there's something to amuse every hobbyist in your life.

See all the Hobbyist Holiday Bundle tricks here!



Wizardry Bundle

Our top picks for any magician!  Featuring an enchanting collection of 5 mind-blowing magic tricks that will make this holiday season truly magical!

From vanishing acts to card wizardry, this bundle is perfect for both novices and budding magicians, providing a captivating introduction to the spellbinding world of wizardry.

See all the Wizardry Holiday Bundle tricks here!



Black Friday Sale

While you're shopping for the holidays, be sure to also pick up some of our amazing products on the Black Friday Sale!

With over 1300 to choose from, there's no excuse to not grab these while you can!

See all the Black Friday Sale items here!



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