Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to Work, and a year older!

Well, I'm back working again after a nice, LOOOOONG labor day weekend. My wife and I went to Monterey to celebrate our SIX year wedding anniversary, and it was a very nice getaway.

Here's a funny story that happened on my trip. So my wife and I are getting these couples massages, where you're both being rubbed down at the same time by professional massage therapists. Well, this is only my third massage ever, so I am still a little nervous that I am not going to be a good patient.

So here's this girl (a pretty attractive European woman named Kate)......I'm laying face down on the table, and she's rubbing my legs pretty forcibly....and as she moves my leg, my skin rubs against the plastic table and rips this loud, farting sound.

Immediately, I begin to panick internally. "Do you think she thought that was a fart? Her face was right near my butt when she did it.....he HAD to know that I didn't just rip one on her forehead, right?" I felt myself tensing up.....to me, that would be my WORST NIGHTMARE as a massage therapist.

Just as I was beginning to put that behind me, she switches legs and the SAME THING HAPPENS AGAIN! Fortunately, she never said anything so I can only hope that she knew it was the table.

Of course, with all those fake farts flying around, I probably could have cut one for real and gotten away with it. :)

Now I am back to work at MJM Magic with a TON of weekend orders that have come in during the holiday. And on top of it all, today is my actual BIRTHDAY!

"Jeff - You mean to tell me you're working on your birthday?" Yep! There is no rest for the weary when you run a successful business! Besides, just knowing that I am taking care of our customers is one of the best gifts I can give to myself (sounds corny, but it's true). Each and every one of you who shops with us sacrifices your money and time and entrusts us with it.....so it means a lot to us to take care of you as best as we can.....even on birthdays!

Keep smiling,
- Jeff

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