Thursday, September 17, 2009

Buy Ghost Tag, Get Entity for only ONE BUCK!

Promotion Has Ended!

Thanks to everyone who participated and made it such a success! We will have more free giveaways during this coming holiday season so stay tuned!

Now for a LIMITED TIME only, we are presenting you a deal that you CAN'T PASS UP!

Purchase the best selling magic effect "
Ghost Tag by Peter Eggink," and we will sell you "Entity by Jeremy Hanrahan" for only a dollar. That's right, a SINGLE BUCK!

Ghost Tag is one of the most spectatular and supernatural card effects, which can be completely examined and carried with you at all times! Entity is a spooky, hands off haunted deck routine that is guaranteed to make your spectators go crazy! Click each of the links to read more about them and see a DEMO video!

After our last successful promotion (where we gave away seventeen DVD SETS for orders over $250), we had one person contact us and say, "Hey guys, what about a promotion for people who don't spend a lot of money?"

And while it was only one person who had that complaint, we listen to each and every concern that our customers have! That is why we are proud to offer this promotion for all you guys! Buy GHOST TAG and then purchase ENTITY for only ONE DOLLAR!

Go ahead, think of a reason why you wouldn't jump all over this offer.

"But I already have Ghost Tag." -- Well, you can always sell it brand new on eBay and keep the ENTITY that you purchased. Entity is a $35.00 ITEM that you are getting for ONE DOLLAR!

"Ok, I want Ghost Tag but I already have Entity." - Same as above! I couldn't pass anything up for a buck, even if I already had it. One time, someone tried to sell me a used rubber band for a dollar, and you know something? I bought it! Why? Because it was a BUCK! You always get great deals for a BUCK!

Seriously guys, we can only afford to do this for a LIMITED TIME because of limited supplies. So we've conveniently put a TICKING COUNTDOWN on the front of our website so that you will know when this offer will expire. Don't let it run out without you taking advantage of this deal.

  1. It's simple. Add BOTH ITEMS to your shopping cart, and Entity will only cost you ONE DOLLAR.

  2. Add other items and it won't matter. As long as Ghost Tag and Entity are in your shopping cart before the timer runs out, you can purchase anything else and you will still get the deal.

  3. IMPORTANT - You will not see the discount in your shopping cart. However, once you go to the CHECKOUT area, you will see the "-$30.46" discount applied to your order!!

NOTE: You must purchase both at the same time. You cannot purchase each in two different transactions or it won't work!!!!

If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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Ellusionist Magician said...

Love the comment about selling one or the other on ebay. You know, you make a good point actually.