Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Yes, this is a magic blog, but as I've stated before, it's also a personal blog which reflects myself and those who work here.

In this case, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Patrick Swayze, who passed away today after a long battle with cancer. For anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer, you know how debilitating and cruel it can be. I am happy to hear that he passed quietly with family by his side.

You can read more about his life and story from this Associated Press article if you like. I simply wanted to say how saddened I was to hear of his passing, but thankful that he isn't suffering anymore.
I remember watching Outsiders and Red Dawn when I was a little kid, being fascinated by those movies. Then as I got older, I really liked Road House, Donnie Darko, and especially Ghost (one of my all time favorites!). Sorry, I never got into Dirty Dancing, although Jennifer Gray was HOT! Tsssssss! However, it's one of Brandi's favorite movies of all time, like most women out there, I'm sure!
So R.I.P. Patrick, and thank you for entertaining the world for so many years. You will never be forgotten.

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Ellusionist Magician said...

It's one of those celebrity deaths that you just can believe actually happened. He was a strong person though and lived 6 months longer then the doctors expected. I feel like watching Point Break now.