Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cup Zero by George Iglesias

This is a new item that is shipping to us right now, and should be here next week! MJM Magic is one of a few stores to carry it, and we wanted to give you the chance to order it before it arrives. That way, we can immediately begin shipping it out to you the day it arrives! We're only getting a small handful at first, so if you're remotely interested in this, then it's important that you preorder it now to get one.

What is Cup Zero? It's an amazing levitation system that will allow you to perform miracles, making possible to levitate heavy objects not possible to float before. Imagine being able to float on stage a cup full of liquid in the mid air and many heavy objects full of their own contents...Now with Cup Zero it's possible!

Check out the demo video and pick it up HERE:

ALSO .....


You read that correctly! The best selling book test of all history is coming out in a 2.0 version, and we're going to carry it right here at MJM Magic! Check out the teaser right here:

We aren't taking preorders yet, but if you want to be put on the waiting list to be notified when it arrives, just email us and let us know!

More information will follow as the release date in 2011 gets closer!

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