Monday, December 20, 2010

Special 20% DISCOUNT Code - Monday Only!

Happy holidays! It's the final stretch of the holiday month, and even though it's too late to guarantee anything will arrive before Christmas in a few days, we STILL wanted to reward our customers with a special Christmas bonus.

So for today only (Monday, December 20th), we are having our famous 20% DISCOUNT DAY! This is only good for orders placed on Monday the 20th.

How does it work?

Just use this special discount code when making your purchase: 1220

While it won't take 20% off all items in our store, it WILL take 20% OFF anything that is on sale, or anything marked as a discountable item! That equates to a HUGE amount of savings you can grab before the end of the year!

Many of us wait until the end of the month before doing our shopping, and this it the perfect time to get all those magic effects you may have been waiting on. Use the discount code 1220 on Monday and if the item can be discounted, it will take an additional 20% off the price!

NOTE: you will know if an item is non-discountable because we will mention on the item's page, "No further discounts may be applied." Click here for an example of an item that isn't discountable.

Of course, if you have any other questions, please let us know!

- Only good for Monday December 20th. No exceptions. We cannot adjust any orders placed before the 20th, or afterward. Thank you for understanding.

- Enter discount code: 1220 during the checkout screen, and it will automatically take the discount off any items which are discountable in your order.

And as a reminder, we will be closed on Friday the 24th so that we can spend time with family on Christmas Eve. Our website is still open for orders 24/7, but we won't be around to process them or answer emails until we resume normal business hours on Monday the 27th.

Thanks again for making this a very special year for us at MJM Magic!

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