Monday, February 11, 2019

40% OFF - "Learn these FAVORITE card routines from the BEST EVER in magic!"

"An absolute MUST HAVE for any card magician!"

Favorites by Roberto Giobbi - DVD

The concept is genius: take THREE of the greatest card magicians who ever lived.   Then from each of them, take your TOP THREE FAVORITE effects that they are known for, and then dissect them down to their magical essence!

In this amazing DISCOUNT DEAL, you can own "Favorites by Roberto Giobbi."   On this DVD, he selects his three favorite tricks from these legends in magic.

You will learn:
  • From Vernon - Emotional Reaction, Four of a Kind, and Slow Motion Aces
  • From Elmsley - All Backs, Double Swap, and 1002nd Aces
  • From Garcia - A Lady Up My Sleeve, Ace Faroleros, and A Surprise Package
Normally a $30.00 DVD, we grabbed 24 copies to give away at only $17.99 each! 

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!  Today only or while supplies last!


You will get almost THREE AND A HALF HOURS of material, including step-by-step instruction of each piece.

It will surely be one of your Favorites!

Price goes back up after we sell out of these units, so add this to your order today!!



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