Monday, February 25, 2019

"Card Enthusiasts Around the World are going to LOVE this Collection!"

"Over a staggering 2 HOURS, George unleashes 17 ROUTINES, carefully structured into 4 SETS."

George McBride's McMiracles With Cards - DVD

If you love card magic, then you're going to love this new DVD.

Unlike other card magic DVD's, this one is actually STRUCTURED into sets.  One trick is designed to flow into the next, and all of them are hard hitting!

You get over two hours of material on this DVD, and 17 routines are taught!

Watch some of the demo videos here:

Best of all: it's specially priced at an affordable $30.00!  (You'll pay that much just for single tricks these days, so getting a DVD packed with so many gems is added value).

So place your orders and we will begin shipping very soon!!!



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So don't is your chance to get these last minute items at half the normal price.   All prices will go back up on Wednesday.

Here are the products:


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