Friday, February 15, 2019

FREE SHIPPING - "Turn your Smartphone into a MIRACLE Machine - NOW!!!"

"This is perfect for anyone who loves technology and magic!"

NOW! by Mariano Goni Magic - Trick

Imagine this.  You take a BORROWED cell phone.   You go to Google and search for something.   You then set the phone down and you NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN.

The spectator points to an object in the room.   Let's say that they point to a LAMP.   To make sure they are locked in, you even take a piece of paper and write down their prediction so it can't be changed.  (Mariano likes to sign the back of this as a souvenir which is a nice touch).

You tell them to turn over their phone (which they have been holding the entire time), and they will see a Google Search result for whatever object they pointed to!   In this example, it would be a page full of LAMPS!

Watch the demo here:

The possibilities are ENDLESS!   Let's say that they said the word "BEATLES"........when they turn over their phone (which you're nowhere near), it will be a page filled with pictures of the greatest band in history....the Beatles!

There is so much you can do with this, and I'm sure you will have questions about here are things to keep in mind:
  • You will need to perform in an area that has WIFI (or cell service) to access the internet
  • Works with most major languages
  • NO accomplice needed.
  • Only one mobile phone is used: your spectator's. Not two spectator phones.
  • Never touch your phone to control information.
  • NO audio recognition.
  • NO NFC or RFC chips.
  • Absolutely free choice, NO forcing giving you unlimited choices.
  • Spectator only points at the object or picture and NEVER names it.
  • Instantly repeatable.
  • Ends completely clean, NO traces left.
  • Works with most browsers.
  • Endless customization options.
  • Predict images, Amazon products, dictionary words and even videos.
  • Easy to do.
FREE USA SHIPPING on any order that purchases this item!

Just purchase the version for the phone YOU use (not the spectator's phone).


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My grandpa tried to warn everyone The Titanic was gonna sink.

When everyone just ignored him, he yelled at them three more times. Eventually they got irritated and kicked him out of the theater.

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