Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"50% OFF - The BEST Routine in Magic!" - Almost Sold out!!

"The best routine in magic!" - Rocco

R2 by Chris Randall - DVD Only


If you perform on parlor or stage, then you most likely do some form of the Linking Rings in your act.  It's something that most people THINK they know how it works, until you disprove their assumptions with your clever handling.

The PROBLEM with many linking ring routines is that you can't hand out the rings for examination......UNTIL NOW!

Chris Randall (2015 Stage Champion, 2018 IBM Award of Merit Winner) will teach you his CLEVER and DECEPTIVE handling to do exactly that!  Learn this entire routine from one of the best who performs it.

It's a secret so fooling that he once was DISQUALIFIED from a competition because the judges believed it was impossible without a stooge. Chris's secret transforms an already great effect into something truly miraculous.

Watch the demo video:

Yesterday this was $25.00, but today we are giving it away for only $12.50.  It's a DVD with over one hour of detailed instruction.   If you already own rings, then you owe it to yourself to pick this up at this low price.   (And if you don't own rings, you will want this for when you do)!

SUPPLY LIMITED AT THIS PRICE.   Price will jump back up to $25.00 tomorrow (or if we sell out of our current stock later today).


(NOTE: This is also sold as a separate download item, but that version is not part of this special 50% off price.   This is for the DVD Only version.)


I threw a boomerang a few years back

I now live in constant fear.

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