Friday, March 01, 2019

"A Fantastic Effect Using a Super Clever Gimmick and a Borrowed Bill!!"

"This was EIGHT YEARS in development, but now Danny Weiser has released his best kept secret!"

HYBRID (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Danny Weiser - Trick

This trick checks off all the boxes:
  • Uses a borrowed object
  • Easy to perform
  • Quick reset
  • No arts/crafts needed
  • No refills needed
  • No threads
Check it out:

You take a BORROWED dollar bill.   You can have it signed front and back if you like.   You then punch a hole through one of the corners.   Make NO MISTAKE about it: this is a real hole that you can clearly see through.

Then with your two magical fingers, you MOVE THE HOLE to the other side of the bill!
If that wasn't magical enough, with a quick FLICK of your fingers, the HOLE JUMPS BACK to the other side!

Finally, you "heal" the bill by restoring it back to normal and handing the bill back to the spectator!
Be sure to watch BOTH demo videos, which includes a live performance on the street:

We begin shipping in a few days so get your orders in now before they sell out!  

NOTE: These gimmicks take 2-3 months to reproduce so once these sell out, it may be awhile before the opportunity to purchase will be back!



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