Thursday, June 06, 2019

"A sandwich routine with a killer surprise ending!"

A sandwich routine with a killer surprise ending! 

The Vault - Harlequin by Eric Jones video DOWNLOAD

Eric Jones has an eye for creating easy to understand routines, chock full of visual, potent magical moments. Routines that are modular, linear and devastating to a lay audience. Harlequin is an example of this school of thought. Within you will find a great mix of old and new magic from Eric's working arsenal--it will definitely find its way into yours.

A card is selected and lost into the pack. It is found just a moment later sandwiched between two ungimmicked Jokers. The sandwich then instantly changes to a royal flush. Eric will go over each phase of this beautiful routine in complete detail.

  • Gimmick-less
  • Can be done with a borrowed deck
  • Learn New work on Eric's Famous Ishkabibble Sandwich

Download the video and learn this great routine today!



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