Friday, June 28, 2019

"LIGHT fooled MAGICIANS as well as Spectators! A Blackpool 2019 Winner!"

"This won over 650 professionals and amateurs at the Blackpool Magic Convention in 2019. Everything can be examined. A light bulb detects your spectator's freely selected and signed card."

LIGHT (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Mickael Chatelain - trick

A spectator picks a card, signs it, and it's lost in the deck.  A regular light bulb is placed on the table (or screwed into the card case, if you prefer).

As you hold the cards over the light bulb, nothing happens.........UNTIL you reach the spectator's card which cause the bulb to flash!   It's the only card that interacts with the bulb!

At the end, everything can be examined (the bulb, the card, etc).   Card can be given away as a souvenir!

Watch the demo here:

Don't forget these points:
  • Easy to do
  • No forcing or manipulation
  • The effect is incredible, the bulb seems to light up upon contact with the card. This is a stunning moment!
  • Resets immediately, no preparation
  • Both your hand and the card case are empty
  • Use your own deck of any brand
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