Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"CHOICE will prove that there's no free choice at all!" - Watch This!!

"Easy enough for the beginner and strong enough for the pro!"
Choice (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jerome Sauloup and Magic Dream - Trick
Spectators love to THINK that they have a free choice.   This effect will SHATTER that illusion.

You have two spectators come on stage and take a deck of cards.   They begin dealing down, one by one, until they stop at a card.   FREE CHOICE, NO FORCE.   One may choose to stop at a card near the top, the other may keep dealing and stop at a card near the middle.......but they have the free choice to stop whenever they want.

They exchange cards with each other and place them into the opposite color deck.

RECAP: they each now have a deck of cards with ONE card different inside.....the other spectator's card.

When they spread the deck to find the card, they remove them to find that BOTH CARDS MATCH!   Their free choice ended up on the exact same card!  Remember, the magician NEVER TOUCHES THE DECK!

As a final kicker, the decks are turned FACE UP and the rest of the cards are completely BLANK!

So not only did they freely stop on the same card, but they couldn't have chosen any other card because they're all blank!

Watch the demo video here:

This doesn't have to be performed with two spectators if you don't want to.   You could perform with just you (the magician) and one other person (spectator).   But the real power is that you could perform this completely hands off with just two spectator's handling the decks.

There's even a "In Your Hands" variation taught for the strolling magician!
  • Decks and gimmick provided
  • The magician never touches the cards
  • Completely hands off and self-working
  • Quick reset



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One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.

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