Monday, July 15, 2019

"WOW - Watch this new THINNER Illusion PLUS 40% Off Special Offer"

"Flatten the card case and the entire deck of cards one fourth at a time, leaving you with ANY 4 cards you want. NO palming and self contained."

 THINNER (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Mathieu Bich

This was Mathieu Bich's CLOSING ACT in his Magic Castle routine for many years, and you can see why.

With just a few cuts, you make the deck shrink smaller and smaller until only four cards are left!

Watch the demo;

Whether you want to use this to show off a four card production, or if you want to close your act with something powerful like Mathieu did, THINNER is perfect for your parlor shows.

THINNER can also be customized to work with any brand of cards, so if you prefer a different back design (or different four card production), you can tweak it to your style.

Each one will come ready to use out of the box, so you can begin playing with it the day it arrives!



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HOT NEW DOWNLOAD - Jerry Andrus Card Control Volume 1

The Vault - Andrus Card Control 1 by Jerry Andrus video DOWNLOADThis is one of the best card controls you will ever perform, and it would be a SHAME if you don't incorporate this at least once into your card magic.

Have a freely selected card inserted into the center of the deck, and watch it magically appear on the top!

No really, it REALLY goes into the middle of the deck (no dupes)!

Watch the demo and download this one today:


 Within minutes, the detective figured out what the murder weapon was.

It was a brief case.

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