Friday, July 19, 2019

Wow - A MUST SEE Coin and Card Trick! TGIF!!

Hi friends - In this email, I wanted to highlight two brand new items which I think you're going to love.

If you're looking for some great COIN MAGIC, then look no further than this!

No Sense (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Kyle Littleton - Trick

"This is the only coin trick I actually like. I've always been a card guy but looks like I am now a card guy that does one coin effect."
- Ryan Schlutz

"New and novel plots in coin magic are rare. What Kyle has created is special, unique, and memorable."
- Brent Braun

What you get is a memorable and visual effect: three half dollar coins change, one by one, into three different objects: a Chinese coin, a copper coin, and a button (yes, really!). But the whole is so much better than the sum-total of the parts. No Sense is a complete package: the technique, the presentation, the original plot.

Better still, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED with No Sense, including all of the required gimmicks and a gorgeous Vanishing Inc. own brand Chinese coin. Creator Kyle Littleton takes you through the method in extreme detail so that you can perform this stunning routine with confidence.



If you're a card magic aficionado, then prepare to be blown away by this now available item:

CRA Change (DVD and Gimmicks) by Rich Li - DVD

Imagine frying your spectator's brain with an absurd sequence of color changes before changing it back like nothing ever happened.

Why stop at one color change when you can do 10? Rich not only goes into detail on how to execute the sleight, but also variations that leave you with a clean card to handout.



Just threw a rock 5280 feet.

That’s a real milestone.

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