Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"Check out SWEET SIMPLICITY by John Carey - Now Shipping!"

"Ten self working or super easy to do card tricks that will slay any audience!"

Sweet Simplicity by John Carey - DVD

Before heading into this 4th of July holiday, why don't you treat yourself to some amazing NEW magic from the great John Carey!

This collection of effects is called SWEET SIMPLICITY, and like the name suggests, these are all EASY to do.   But don't let that deceive you.......these are KNOCKOUT effects that will get you great reactions!

Watch our demo video where we show you one of the tricks being performed:

So much to play with on this video title, you will surely incorporate many of these into your act!

It's available in TWO formats:
Have a great weekend and remember, we are out of the office tomorrow but we will our resume regular shipping schedule on Friday.



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