Friday, June 28, 2019

"My go-to HANDS-OFF card routine!" - Wayne Dobson

"My go-to hands-off card routine!"  - Wayne Dobson

Lucky Card Deluxe by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong - Trick

LUCKY CARD is one of those effects that you will KICK YOURSELF for not using it sooner.   It is guaranteed to be in your Top 10 card tricks!

It uses a NORMAL SHUFFLED DECK.   Everything is examinable.   And yet, no one knows how it's done!

You put a card face down on the table, sealed inside of a solid plastic frame, and you explain that it's your LUCKY CARD.

You then have the spectator shuffle a deck of cards and find their lucky card.  They do this by spelling out the words along the lines of "MY LUCKY CARD".   Remember, this is a shuffled deck that you didn't touch.

The card they stop at MATCHES your lucky card!

Watch the demo:

With this DELUXE version, you get a nice sealed plastic frame to keep your lucky card in.  That way, ,there is no doubt that you couldn't have switched the card in some way.




Crossfire Book Test by Chris Philpott - From the creator of 100th Monkey, predict 4-8 spectator's selected words with NO writing and NO fishing. Includes kicker reveal of 8 total words in crossword fashion with one simple book.


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Two windmills are in a field.

One windmill says to the other, "What type of music do you like?"

The other windmill replies, "Well I'm a big metal fan"

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