Friday, October 02, 2020

50% OFF Weekend Sale - Brandi's Handpicked MAGIC Items!


"She picked some good ones, but the prices are only good thru the weekend!"

MJM Magic 50% Weekend Sale

I love Brandi.....not just because she's my wife, but because her intuition is usually spot on.  She isn't a magician, so she is the perfect person to ask her opinion on whether a product looks impressive (without the magician-mentality that tries to over-analyze everything).

So I came up with a huge list of items, and I told Brandi: "Pick 25 of them that you want to discount for a weekend sale."

Here is what she chose:

Many of these items have never been discounted this low before!

All the items have Video Clips, so you actually get a preview of what the item is all about!

They are also all HIGHLY VISUAL, meaning it's something that not only caught Brandi's attention, but more importantly, it HELD HER ATTENTION!

If she previewed an item and got bored, she removed it from the list.   If she thought the trick looked stupid, she didn't even consider it. 

But if it made her smile, made her watch all the way through, or made her intrigued, those items stayed on the Sale List!

All items on this list are on sale RIGHT NOW, but the sale price ends on Monday at 2:00pm PST. 




7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows!

Source: Washington Post article



Did you know too much sex can cause memory loss?

I read that in a medical journal on page 34 at 3:23 pm last year on Wednesday October the 7th.


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