Thursday, October 08, 2020

"Killer Zoom routine (with DICE) that ALWAYS works!"


The Vault - Diception by Haim Goldenberg & Matan Rosenberg mixed media DOWNLOAD

Check this one out:

It's a quick new way to force any number with the most organic of props that laymen recognize...Dice!
Use one, two, three, four or even more dice!

Know with absolute certainty that the force will work.

The VOLUNTEER will ALWAYS stop you on the right number.

  • No assistant

  • No special dice

  • No lighting issues.

  • Simple construction

  • Almost self working !

  • Could be taught to a layman in 3 minutes, it's that easy and that effective

Two methods are provided allowing you to perform in all different types of ZOOM settings!

NO angle issues and all of the camera angles are solved for you!

One method works with the direct overhead camera setup only whilst the other works with all angles without restrictions.

Both methods are extremely easy to make and perform!

This is just perfect for ZOOM!

When we do get to do a live show again this method can work perfectly in a parlor setting or on stage with a projector and camera.

This method of forcing is essential whenever you need a quick almost procedure free choice of number

Download now -


DID YOU KNOW?  Fact of the day!

McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli!   It's true.

Source: Business Insider



I bought a new thesaurus today and it’s terrible.

Not only is it terrible but it’s also terrible!


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