Friday, August 13, 2021

"It gets more IMPOSSIBLE as it progresses!" - Bro Gilbert


"The closer you watch, it fools you even more!"

The Vault - Ambitious Aces by Chris Wood from the ONE SHOT series

I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I watched this performed.  It's got everything I love in a magical effect: multiple phases, entertaining story, and best of all: a normal deck of playing cards!

Watch the  Ambitions Aces in a ONE SHOT, uncut performance:

It's like an Ambitious Card Routine, but with all four aces instead of a single card!

Just when you think you know how it's done, the magician will do something different to dispel your brain what you thought you knew about it!

And check out the price!  So low, it's almost criminal NOT to purchase it!

Download Ambitious Aces today and begin learning this one to impress people with your card skills!

Link -



4K Color Vision Box

You might look at the 4K COLOR VISION BOX and think to yourself, "I've seen one of those before, and I know how it works."   Trust me, I did too.

But once you get this, you will realize that it's NOT a one-trick pony like old vision boxes.

You first show that you can read minds by correctly guessing which color cube the spectator puts into the box.  He GENUINELY MIXES IT UP.

Then you repeat it, but this time, the spectator doesn't even know the color (so that way, you can't read his mind since even he doesn't know what it is).  And you still guess it correctly again.

The third phase is even more impossible: you correctly guess the color without even looking at the box!

Check it out:

You could even do a FOURTH PHASE if you wanted with a completely different color being chosen!

  • Fits in your pocket, so you could literally carry this anywhere!
  • Price is insanely low for a trick of this magnitude!
  • Fools magicians when you get to the last phase!

The instructional teaching on this one is fantastic, and the angles are great!

Order your 4K COLOR VISION BOX before they're gone, because they're selling FAST!

Link -



What's the difference between being Involved vs. Committed?

Take a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich. The chicken and the cow are involved, but the pig is committed.


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