Wednesday, August 25, 2021

"Only 400 were made. We are down to 10 LEFT!"



Genesis System Project (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Adam Wilber and Vulpine Creations - Trick

Imagine having your spectator stare at a blank piece of paper, and then ink magically begins to create a picture of whatever they were thinking about!

That's essentially what the Genesis System will allow you to do.

It comes as a limited edition kit with OVER 30 hand-made gimmicks, each created in-house by the creator, Adam Wilber.  In fact, only 400 were created, so these may never come back after they're gone!

Watch the demo video to hear Adam's breakdown of the Genesis System:

What we like is that it allows you to perform many different kinds of routines, so whether you're doing a spooky VOODOO presentation for Halloween, or simply want to make a CELEBRITY SILHOUETTE appear, you can do that with Genesis System!

Supply is limited (we are already down to 10 left) so preorder yours today:

[NOTE - Because we only have a small batch of these preorder Genesis Systems, if you click the link above and it shows "Out Of Stock" (instead of saying "Preorder"), then that means everyone already claimed those units and we're sorry that you missed out!]


INFINITY WATCH (Version 3) - HOT!!!!

If you're a watch-wearer like I am, then you'll definitely want to add an Infinity Watch to your everyday carry!

Infinity Watch v3

It's a real watch, it tells real time........but it allows you to perform MIRACLES!

Here's an example.  You take off your Infinity Watch, hand it to the spectator, and have them verify that it's 100% real.  It tells time, and you can even have them move the time dial around.

You then take the watch back, and you explain that you're going to secretly set the watch to a specific time.  A time that you saw in a dream you had last night.

Then, and this is the best set the watch face down on the table, and you NEVER TOUCH IT AGAIN!

You ask the spectator to think of a time that might be special to them.   Perhaps it's the time they were born.  Perhaps it's the time they like to eat dinner.   Or perhaps they just make up a super random time, like 2:56.

You then look at them in amazement and say, "Wouldn't it be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE if my watch just happened to be that exact same time of 2:56?!"

Then you (or the spectator) can pick up the watch to look at the face, and the time will be a PERFECT MATCH!  Remember, you never touched the watch this entire time.

It's an amazing piece of magic, and there's multiple ways to present this routine.  Also, the watch comes in many different styles!

To see which are still available, click here:

BONUS TIP - Buying this will give you FREE USA SHIPPING, plus you will earn $13.00 back in Rebate Reward Cash........PLUS, it puts you awfully close to earning an additional $30.00 back for hitting the $300 Monthly Achievement Award (where we give you $30.00 back just for spending a total of $300 or more during the entire month)!   So just by purchasing this effect, you might end up getting up to $43.00 back into your account to deduct off other items in the future!



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