Sunday, August 01, 2021

"Own this ANIMATED pad which can be EXAMINED!"


"Card to impossible location and card production at the SAME time!"

Instapad 2.0


People love animated effects!  It's flashy, and it captures the attention of all ages (kids to adults).   Now you can own a pad which incorporates animation with a card production, all rolled into one.

And the best part: EVERYTHING IS EXAMINABLE (no switches)!

Watch the video:

This can be performed with a signed card, and you will learn three different routines, including a signed red card that was previously from a blue backed deck!

Produced by Danny Weiser, the Instapad 2.0 is a perfect addition to your regular Ambitious Card Routine, so you can add your Instapad 2.0 to the end for the revealing climax of their card!

Keep all this in mind:

  • You will produce the signed card
  • Instant reset
  • There is no switches of any kind
  • Everything can be examined
  • Easy to do
  • You can perform it surrounded (angle proof)
  • You will finish 100% clean (nothing to palm or discard)

Order your Instapad 2.0 today -



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