Monday, March 13, 2023

"This SPIRIT BELL will freak people out! Just WATCH!"


"Fine tuned technology perfect for any magician, mentalist, or collector!"

In my experience, nothing freaks people out more than thinking a ghost or spirit is at work in front of them.

Think about it.    If you perform a great magic trick (or mentalism), they can still think to themselves, "You have amazing talent" or "That's incredible sleight of hand", etc.

But what if a SPIRIT is amongst you?   What if a SPIRIT is affecting physical reality?

Now all the sudden, it's not you but rather, it's a third entity at play.  

Check out the new SPIRIT BELL (called the PSI BELL) which is guaranteed to freak people out!

Watch it here:

As you can see, it's incredibly organic.   Just two wooden pieces and a bell.   And yet, the bell will ring on your command!  Use this to your advantage in a variety of ways:

1.  Have the bell ring when you want to signal a certain spectator's card

2.  Have the bell ring to indicate a correct answer

3.  Or just have it ring for no reason, simply to prove that it must be a spirit doing it!

You can even isolate the bell and wood under a clear plastic box and it will still work (because it's secretly remote controlled by you!

QUANTITY IS LIMITED.   In fact, only the first 12 or so preorders will be guaranteed to get one when it's released in a few days!

Order your PSI BELL here:

** FREE USA SHIPPING option available on all USA ORDERS that purchase it!





Son: "Hey Dad, I fell in love and want to date this awesome girl."

Father: "That's great, son! Who is she?"

Son: "It's Sandra, the neighbor's daughter."

Father: "Ohhh, I wish you hadn't said that. I have to tell you something, son, but you must promise not to tell your mother. Sandra is actually your sister."

The boy is naturally bummed out, but a couple of months later, he approaches his dad again.

Son: "Hey Dad, guess what?  I fell in love again and this girl is even hotter!"

Father: "That's great, son! Who is she?"

Son: "It's Angela, the other neighbor's daughter."

Father: "Ohhh son, I wish you hadn't said that. Angela is also your sister."

This went on a few more times, and finally the son was so mad, he went straight to his mother crying.

Son: "Mom, I am so mad at Dad! I fell in love with six girls and I can't date any of them because Dad is their father!"

The mother hugs him affectionately and says, "You can date whoever you want. He isn't your father!"


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