Monday, May 01, 2023

"Completely fresh and unique take on coin magic!" - 48 HR DISCOUNT CODE



If you're familiar with coin magic, then you know that the Copper Silver Brass is one of the best coin routines you can perform.

Now you can have all the power of the CSB but with random, everyday objects!

BRASS BUTTONS is super smooth, and it allows you to do ALL the stuff of a traditional CSB like:

  • create vanishes
  • appearances
  • transpositions
  • and much much more

Watch the demo video here:

Not only do you get the well made gimmick and props, but you will get access to over TWO HOURS of instruction from some of the greatest creative minds in magic such as Nicholas Lawrence, Roddy McGhie, Craig Petty, Mark Elsdon, Gary Jones, Will Houston Sean Goodman, Paul Roberts, Javier Fuenmayor and Matthew Wright.

Order your BRASS BUTTONS here:


This isn't something we are advertising on our website, but you can use the following discount code to take an additional 10% OFF this item! 

Discount Code: SPECIAL10

Simply type in SPECIAL10 in the discount code box when checking out and lower the price by 10%!

Only valid on this item, and only for the next 48 hours (valid thru May 3rd).   After that, you will be paying full price for this amazing effect so don't wait!



If you own an iPhone, then you are missing out on some amazing magic you can perform with Siri.   Yes, the actual REAL Siri!

Can you believe that Siri can actually predict the exact number of a spectator's card inside of the deck?   It's crazy but true with some built-in magic!

This is only for iPhone users, but it's a download so you can get access to it as soon as you place your order!

Check out the demo video and order here:



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