Tuesday, May 02, 2023

NEW FEATURE - My Favorites (aka WISHLISTS) are now here!


"This makes shopping a whole lot more organized!"

New MJM Magic Feature

Here at MJM Magic, we are ALWAYS trying to improve your shopping experience.

By popular demand, we now have a spiffy new wish list feature called "MY FAVORITES".

My Favorites allows you to save products into your own private "favorites" list.   This works exactly like a traditional wish list.   You can save products you want to purchase for later, or move products from your Favorites into your shopping cart.

But it has other great features:

  • You can create multiple Favorite lists!  Perhaps you want a list for Christmas, or separate lists for different categories of products.   Or simply leave everything in your default Favorites List to reference in one glance!
  • You can EMAIL your Favorites list to other people!   This is perfect for holidays, or when someone wants to know what to purchase for you.    Send them a link to your Favorites list and they'll see exactly what items you want them to purchase for you!
  • RANK your Favorites based on your priority!   Some items you may want more than others.......so we now give you the ability to RANK them.   Assign priority to the items you want more than others, and people will know what to purchase for you based on your priorities!


Next to each item on our website, you'll either see a little 'heart" symbol like this (), or you can click the 'Add to Favorites" button on the product page (next to the Add to Cart button):

My Favorites Cart Button


Whenever you want to review your Favorites list, simply click the "My Favorites" link on the top of the MJM Magic webpage:


My Favorites Header

Also, any products that are already inside of your Favorites list will also be displayed on the shopping cart page (when you scroll down)!

Have fun with this new feature, and we hope it makes shopping with us even EASIER and more ORGANIZED!




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