Friday, May 26, 2023

"This is 100% going in my show!!" - TRIPLE Rewards for 48 HRS!


"Literally the CLEANEST book test I have ever seen!" - Wayne Fox


If you don't already perform a book test for people, you're really missing out.

Hand your spectator a book.   Have them turn to ANY PAGE.   Have them focus on a single word (out of THOUSANDS of words they can choose from).

You can then read their thoughts and reveal the EXACT WORD they selected!

Watch it performed here:

Now, because these books are so meticulously made, most book tests will cost anywhere from $200 - $300 bucks.  

What makes this one so enticing is that:

  1. It only costs less than HALF the price of those other products!
  1. Unlike every other book test, this one DOES NOT rely on you guessing the FIRST letter of the word.
  1. It's not the first word of the page......they can choose a word anywhere on the page!
  1. All pages are different!  This isn't just a repeat of the same page over and over again, so they can look at the book closely and never know how you do it!  You can even have your back turned the entire time!
  1. Can be different words selected with each performance, which means you can have multiple people select different words and read multiple minds at once.
  1. All the words share a secret built-in principle which makes this unlike any other book test we've ever seen!

"Do I have to memorize something in order to perform this?"

Check this out: NO!  While it definitely is best to memorize the list of words (and believe me, it's not that hard to do once you see the built-in principle that they share), it's certainly not a requirement.

In fact, Angelo Carbone provides you with a GENIUS method of performing this book test without having to memorize anything!

"I already own other book tests.   Why should I own this one?"

Simply put, you can never have enough book tests!   More books mean more selection for your spectators.  Imagine having them choose between two or three different books.   The odds of you knowing exactly which word they think of when they had so many free choices makes it even more IMPOSSIBLE that you will guess their word!

Order THE END by Angelo Carbone here:


This isn't something we are advertising on our website, but for the next 48 hours, we are TRIPLING the amount of Reward Points you earn on this product! 

While the timer is active, you will earn THREE TIMES the amount of Reward Points for purchasing THE END BY ANGELO CARBONE!   That's up to $7.00 credit back into your account to deduct off future purchases!!  


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Timer Countdown




Want to transfer your heartbeat down your arm, across your body, and INTO THE BODY of someone else?

Sounds impossible, but that's exactly what happens when you make someone else FEEL your heartbeat without touching them!

We  had so many preorders for this, our inventory is almost wiped out........but we have a small batch left and they're ready to ship TODAY!

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Our shipping warehouse will be closed on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday here in the USA.   Our website will still be open for orders, but all shipments will resume on Tuesday when we're back.

We hope you all have a great weekend, and honor those who have sacrificed for us so that we may have the freedom that we have.




I told my wife I wanted to be cremated.

She made me an appointment for Tuesday.


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