Monday, July 24, 2023

"This is SO GOOD, the video sells itself - NO FLUFF!!"


"THE trick of Sessions and Blackpool 2023!"


It's not often that we see a trick that is SO GOOD, the trailer video is nothing more than a performance of it.  No fancy editing........just a FULL PERFORMANCE of what the spectator sees.

What Happens: Two freely chosen cards are dropped into the deck and they find a third chosen and signed card. The trick is repeated and the second time the two cards find the Royal Flush. The trick feels like a skill, but it is easy to do.

Check out DROP by Thomas Badar here:

The trick is SO POWERFUL, the first time you find the spectator's card, they think it could be luck!   This is why you repeat the trick again with the Ace of Spades, only to find the entire Royal Flush!

Keep in mind, the spectator can name ANY TWO CARDS to be the cards that find the selection!   In the video above, the spectator chose the two red sixes, but he could have easily said the two black fives, or two red threes, etc.   Those two cards will find the signed selected card!!

Do you think you know how it's done?!   Keep the following in mind:

  • No short card
  • No crimped card,
  • No corner short or anything of that kind visible to the naked eye.

It's EASY to fool laymen, but it's not every day that you can FOOL MAGICIANS.   DROP fools magicians!

Purchase DROP here in either Red or Blue deck versions:



Vanishing Point


Vanishing Point is the perfect opener before all your card magic performances!

Take out a stack of playing card decks, and instantly make them vanish down to one.  That deck can be opened and the cards removed, ready for you to start your card tricks!

Watch the video and order Vanishing Point here:



A teenage monk joins a monastery and is told the rules.

Which basically consist of this: silence at all times except, every 20 years, you are allowed to appear before the head monk and speak two words. In his enthusiasm, he agrees.

Twenty years pass. A little disillusioned, he appears before the head monk, the same one who hired him.

"Speak your two words," says the head monk.

"No heat," says the still-young monk. The head monk nods. The meeting is over.

Twenty more years pass, and the head monk, now very aged, receives the not-so-young monk again, who now appears upset.

"Bad food," says the middle-aged monk. The head monk nods. The meeting is over.

Twenty more years pass. The old monk has died, and has been replaced by a younger head monk.

The once-teenage monk, now himself an old man, appears before the head monk.

"I quit," he says.

"So be it. I'm told all you did was complain too much anyway."


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