Friday, July 07, 2023

"Wow, it SOLD OUT OVERNIGHT?! We still have a few available!"


"In only 24 hours, THIS just became our fastest selling effect in 2023!"

We literally just released LEVIOSA yesterday.     When we clocked out for the day, our warehouse had over 200 units in stock.

When we arrived to work this morning, the warehouse was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!  Fortunately, we had a batch arrive on our doorstep today so we have the last remaining supply!

LEVIOSA is taking the magic world by storm, and people can't wait to get their hands on it!

Watch a full performance here:

SInce MJM Magic purchased in advance, we still have some available for those who missed it.

However, at the time of this writing, we only have 12 RED VERSION AVAILABLE:

If you perform with a blue Bicycle deck, we also have those available here as well:


That means that once we sell out of our remaining units, Leviosa  may not be back until around Christmas, and you will miss all those Haunted Deck Halloween opportunities to perform Leviosa in October!

So don't wait........these might even be gone by the time you read this newsletter!   If not, then scoop up yours while you can!

Order LEVIOSA here:



Scratch by Mark  Mason

Scratch is a super-easy visual piece of magic.

A card is selected, returned to the deck and the deck is shuffled.
The magician claims he will find the card, You are so confident that if you fail you will give them a chance to win 50,000 dollars!!

You fail to find their card. From your pocket, you remove a lottery scratch-off card. "Here is your chance to win, 50,000. I never said it was a good chance".

The scratch card is placed onto the deck, Faster than the blink of an eye it changes into their selected card.

Custom-made gimmick, it's all magnetic locking, you can casually toss the card into the air. Then hand it back to them.

Order SCRATCH here:



What did the full glass say to the empty glass?

You look drunk.


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