Friday, July 21, 2023

"Top Selling VOODOO is back & MORE TWISTED!!"


"Top Selling Haunted Voodoo Doll is back and MORE TWISTED!!"


This plays well any time of the year, and especially during the upcoming Halloween month!

You make a very realistic voodoo doll slowly stand up in the flat palm of your hand!   Then, you have the head of the voodoo doll change into a celebrity that the spectator is merely thinking of!

Watch the demo video here:

Make it rise in your hand with NO threads or magnets, putting a glass over it, even getting it to stand on one leg!!

Don't just limit your magic to card and coin tricks.   Bust out your HOODOO doll and blow their minds with something completely different!

Order HOODOO right here:



Cell Pop

If you perform on stage, then Cell Pop is a super visual effect that plays BIG for all audiences!

You start by showing an iPhone box.   In the blink of an eye, you cause the phone box to MULTIPLY into many other boxes!   Open one of the boxes and remove your actual cell phone from inside of it!

Watch it performed and order your CELL POP here:




You took a perfect trick and made it even MORE perfect!

Take a pen.  A real working pen.   Have a spectator sign a bill (or receipt).   Then take that same pen and stab it through the paper!

To PROVE that it's the same pen, you can click the pen OPEN and CLOSED while it's impaled in the paper!

Pull it out and show that the paper is completely restored (no holes)!!!

Watch it performed here:

WRITE-THRU is an absolute GAME CHANGER.  It's by far the best Pen Thru Bill trick we've ever seen.

The fact that you can click the pen open and closed while it's penetrating the paper is MIND BLOWING.   Even professional magicians are scratching their head at how this can be accomplished, while leaving no visible holes left behind!

Now shipping!!!

Order WRITE--THRU here:



A police officer responding to a gunshot call called his police chief.

"We got an old lady who shot her husband for walking on the floor after she just mopped it," he reported.

"Have you arrested her?" the chief asked.

"Nope. The floor's still wet," he replied.


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