Wednesday, April 28, 2010

VLOG: Update for Little Man by Paul Harris

Look at Paul Harris items right here:

Note from Paul Harris:

Just in case you were wondering, Little Man is alive and well and in the middle of the very complex process of being manufactured. Pieces are being assembled. Finished components are stacking up. Tiny bits of secret stuff are being machined and fabricated. Four very skilled dedicated people are working full time to insure that LM is finished as soon as humanly possible. Sometimes parts are delayed or not available. Sometimes we have to wait in line for a certain bit of machining or mold making to be completed. Sometimes something or other blows up and we have to re-make it. Everything is being done that I and the team can think of to get the little guy out of the shop and into your hands as soon as possible.

Despite all my best smarty pants calculation, There seems to be no known formula for accurately predicting exactly when this process will be completed. All I can promise here is that LM will be finished..and it will be perfect when its done.

Little Man loves you.
All is well,

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